3Kare Makina A.S. was established in 2012 and mostly works on asphalt machinery design and production and in civil construction project as well.

3Kare factory is located in Saray Kent industrial site with total area of 11.500m².

3Kare has became well known machinery manufacturer in Turkey and abroad; our company also proved itself as a reliable partner in all-scale construction projects.

Our company is constatly expanding its customer network with the help of experienced management and engineering staff in Turkey and abroad.

Thanks to our innovative approach we reached sustainability and high quality in our production and as the result absolute customer satisfaction.

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Reliability is the key criteria for the customers when deciding between different manufacturers.

High quality of the components, robust structure and high-quality service support provided by our team ensures a long and uninterrupted operation.


Quality control on all stages of production and aftersales services is our priority.

From procurement to production, testing and shipment including aftersales services are constantly controlled to maintain the highest possible quality of our products and customer satisfaction.


To keep our product range up to date and optimize its performance,

we constantly upgrade design of our machinery with the modern and economical solutions while keeping it flexible for special customer requests.