Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) Plant

Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant (PMB) is the ideal solution for all road projects with its high mill performance, compact design, ease of use and economic operation features. With its high production capacity, Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant (PMB) can meet the needs of all road, railway, airport projects and special applications which requires modified bitumen usage.

  • 160kW high shear mill is developed for the best working performance with granule polymer types (e.g. SBS) and it ensures polymer modification with less than <0,3mm grain size in one pass
  • Long term and problem free operating life thanks to the mill seal cooling system.
  • Precision weighing with loadcell integrated process tanks and strong blending with 2 pieces of 7,5 kW agitator on each processing tank.
  • Optional; automatic polymer dosing system.
  • Optional; manual or automatic dosing system for solid (ex. sulfur powder) and liquid (ex. PPA) additives.