Combi Asphalt Machine

Combi asphalt machine is a combination of bitumen and water sprayer. The integration of different applications into one machine enables you to save considerable amount of initial investment and operational costs.

  • Spraying capacity, vehicle speed, pump flow rate, water pump capacity and other variables can be traced and controlled from the control panel in the driver cabin.
  • Emulsion and water tank capacity vary depending on vehicle dimensions.
  • Front and rear water sprayer.
  • Optimized design for daily emulsion consumption of hot mix asphalt applications.
  • Integrated pump and hose for daily water needs of asphalt compactor, pneumatic roller and asphalt milling machine used in asphalt applications.
  • 800lt/min or 1500lt/min water pump options.
  • Filling, transfer and discharging options with powerful water pump.