Bitumen Sprayer

Optimum material consumption and user-friendly design thanks to the intelligent spraying system; by providing fast and high heating performance with integrated thermal oil heater, it guarantees precise, safe and easy usage in spraying bitumen / PMB. Thermal oil circulation in the system; eliminates clogging, freezing and cleaning problems in spraying bars, bitumen pumps, valves and piping.

  • Wide control touch screen with easy-to-use interface for full automatic control from driver cabin.
  • 4-16m³ capacity range that can be selected according to vehicle and country conditions.
  • Height adjustable thermal oil heated spray bar.
  • Smart spray system equipped with special designed bar that ensures accurate spraying from 150g/m² up to 3kg/m².
  • Efficient and safe heating with high capacity burner.
  • Specially designed integrated thermal oil heating system.
  • Easy filling, cleaning, circulation and discharge modes with a single pump.
  • Self cleaning with pressurized air without additional solvents etc.
  • Reliable hydraulic system ensures long-lasting operation.
  • Full coverage of the sprayed surface thanks to 100mm spacing between spray bar nozzles.
  • Hand spraying with 4m hose hand lance.